About Us

Aiden Price
Mike Thatcher
Mitchell Cashmore
Adam Shelton
Christopher Emms
It’s a competitive world out there in the UK punk scene. Thankfully, The Real Quaid are living proof that you don’t need any talent at all to get somewhere! Described by most people they come across as “terrible”, the band nonetheless continue to aurally annoy anyone who’ll listen.

Not many groups decide to go balls deep and give the world a Christmas single as their first release. That’s exactly what Adam (vocals) and Mike (guitar) decided to do one fateful festive time, when they wrote their first track. Deciding they wanted to force an audience to listen to it in a live situation, they asked Mitch (guitar) and Aiden (drums) to be in the band. A few months later, they also managed to get a talented guitarist in the lineup… Chris! He was put on bass guitar duties instead.

Since then, The Real Quaid have played gigs, been on a world tour of Birmingham and made women cry (well, Mitch has). They have also┬ájust released their debut album ‘Get Rad’!

The lyrics on the album cover many hard hitting topical issues (trying to find people topless on cam sites/what it’s like to play Streetfighter II while a girl has her hand down your pants/thinking your baby son looks like Danny Devito/etc), that will surely be propelling them to arena status by the end of the year. Or not.

Inspired by a combination of other punk rock bands (duh!), beer, Commando, Top Gun, humans of the female variety, skateboarding, pick slides and octave chords… They’re coming to steal your virginity soon!

Get Rad!